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ISOsweet 25 sachets

18 EGP


Isosweet™ is a zero calorie sweetener sugar substitute
that is made from sucralose and Sorbitol, constituents
that are processed from natural sugar. Sucralose
is an active ingredient that accounts for 2-3% of the
individual 1gm (2 tsp) or 0.5 gm (1 tsp) sachet. It
equates the sweetening of 600 white sugar tsp. The
filler substance is Sorbitol which accounts for 97-98%
of the individual 1 gm (2 tsp) or 0.5 gm (1tsp sachet.
Isosweet™ is aspartame and bitter taste free, safe for
pregnant, nursing mothers andchildren, and suitable
for baking because heat doesn’t affect ISOSweet.

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